Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Sun Fire X4450: serial connection and terminal type

In Sun Fire X4450 Server Installation Guide there is written that in order to apply "Power for the First Time" it is necessary to "connected to the server through the serial management port" using "terminal device or the terminal emulation software running on a laptop or PC". Unfortunately it does not say or does not recommend which terminal emulation software to use, nor I did not find this information in the web. Therefore I decided to use HyperTerminal application available by default in Windows XP (Start - Accessories - Communication). To establish a connection with the SP the terminal must be be set as follows (from the Guide):
  • - 8,N,1: eight data bits, no parity, one stop bit
  • - 9600 baud
  • - Disable hardware flow control (CTS/RTS)
  • - Disable software flow control (XON/XOFF)
With this settings everything worked as written in the Guide - I could start configuration of the pre-installed Solaris 10 system through the serial management port. I was following prompts and I was answering simple configuration questions such as Language, Localization, Terminal etc. However the greatest problem was with questions about terminal!. To be specific, I was asked to choose the type of terminal that I was using from the list of available terminal types". There were types as: ASCI CRT, DEC VT100, ... and I don't remember other types. My problem was that I did not know what type (terminfo) HyperTerminal was. So, what I did is that I changed the emulation type in HyperTermianl to VT100 (in File - Proprieties - Settings) In server, I choose option DEC VT100 (I think it was option no. 3). And it worked!. To sum up I used the following:
VT100 in HyperTerminal and DEC VT100 in Sun


The above was the second trial of setting the server through the console. In the first attempt, the terminal type in question about terminal was incorrectly selected! As a result Sun and HyperTerminal did not work very well and further configuration was not possible. The server was restarted and hopefully the second attempt was good.


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