Sunday, January 11, 2009

oMedia cms: adding suggestions to the search panel

oMedia is a Polish cms that is used for websites that provide image and movie files (something ala YouTube). Although it has many useful functions, performing a search for a file on the websites using the cms is not straight forward. The reason is that the search input filed does not provide suggestion while the users writes the query. Hence, I looked into the code of the cms and I modified it. This modifications required changing two files: and searchFile.php. Since oMedia is build on top of Prado framework, it was necessary to change TTextBox component in into TAutoComplete component and modify corresponding searchFile.php.
The modified two files can be downloaded from here. Therefore, to use the files it is necessary to substitute the two files on one's server (there are located in protected/panels/). Of course be sure to make copy of the original files before substitution. Additionally if the original files had already been modified, the two files must be modified manually.

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