Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Mac X: Ogg files and iTunes

Today I received some audio files in Ogg Vorbis format. I use Mac X 10.4, so I was very, very surprise that iTunes does not support Ogg files. As a result of that I did a little of reaserch and I found Quicktime Components Project which supposable is audio codec that adds Ogg Vorbis to QuickTime and iTunes. Unfortunately it did not help, thus my iTunes still does not support Ogg. Fastly I checked Whamb player and it worked.

Nevertheless I did not wanted to use Whamb - I just dont not like it - hence, the only choice I had (and the fastest because at the very moment I did not have time to struggle with that) was to decode my *.ogg files to mp3 files. To to this I had to use oggdec program which gave me wave files, and than using lame encoder I converted those *.wav files to mp3. Of course prior to this, I had to install all necessary stuff like oggdec and lame.

I wander why Apple does not support ogg? I thought it was free open source format?

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