Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Ubuntu 16.04 and Matlab 2016a: MATLAB has encountered an internal problem and needs to close

There is some problem with matlab UI GPU-based rendering on nvidia as this is causing this problem
Stack Trace (from fault):
[ 0] 0x00007f5bbc4a024d /usr/lib/nvidia-361-updates/

The workaround is to launch matlab without GPU rendering: opt/MATLAB/R2016a/bin/matlab -softwareopengl


  1. Thank you. I was having the same problem. Solution worked for me.

  2. FYI, I had the same issue. I was able to get hardware opengl working by downloading and installing the NVIDIA 352.79 version (based on a recommendation from Mathworks support). I don't know whether the Ubuntu nvidia-352 package would work as well.

  3. Thank you !!! That worked for me too

  4. It's was not the right solution for me, to solve the issue i downgrade my graphics driver to version 352.79:

    and Follow the video below to manually install Nvidia Drivers in ubuntu :

    and then OPEN : opt/MATLAB/R2016a/bin/matlab -DESKTOP

    hoping this solution helps you guys...