Thursday, December 18, 2008

Blogger: uploading files to blogger posts

By default you can upload only image or movie files into your blogger posts. To upload anything else, such as a zip file, music file it is necessary to have some host server that can store the files. Once the files are stored on a host, you can put a link to a file. So the question is where I can host my files - preferably for free. For me, the answer are Google sites. The reason is that it allows you to create five websites each containing up to 100 MBs of stuff. You can upload files there in a form of attachments or as so-called File Cabinet:Once the File Cabinet is created user can upload some files. And the links to these files can be posted in your blog post.


As an example I have upload an zip file that contains SyntaxHighlighter 1.5.1 with simple index.html demo code snippets. The zip file is here.

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