Friday, February 09, 2007

Samsung Digimax S500 and Sony Cyper-shot 6.0

Another Korean junk that I have bought. I will never again buy anything that comes from Korea. Before I had problems with DVD player from LG, and now, after taking only few pictures
with Samsung digital camera it stop working.
Now when I want to take a picture, camera just switches off, and that's it. Sometimes I can make one picture, but second one is not possible. This happens only when flash is used, so I reckon that flash lite causes some electric overload, and camera switches off.

Why today only junk is created? And it is not only Korean. My friend bought Sony Cyber-shot 6.0M and after one month it was broken. The lens was stacked in its shield.

Sony is from Japan, Samsung and LG (my former post about LG DNX-190 UH DVD player) are from Korea, so what they have in common? They are made in China.

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