Sunday, January 14, 2007

DVD player: LG DNX-190 UH

I have just bought DVD Player - LG DNX-190 UH:
Unfortunately, to make it work was quite a big problem. My TV has only S-Video socket for video input, so I thought that when I connect my new DVD and TV using S-Video cable, it would work without any problems. Of course, it did not. There was no picture! I had sound working, but I did not see anything. Studying a manual, I discoverd that in order to use S-Video connection, you have to go to Setup menu in DVD, and change it there. This is just great!!!. How can I manipulate Setup options if I do not have any picture?!!!. Impressed by this genius solution from Korean engineers I get quite angry. Of course before that, I had gotten angry, because my dvd box did not include S-Video cable, but fortunately, I had my own.

The only thing I could do, was to take this rubbish dvd player, go to my friend, connect it using Video cable, change the S-Video option in Setup menu in his place, return home, and connect to my TV. After that I finally could see something on my DVD.

For now, I have not seen any movie, so I do not know if this dvd player can play movies correctly. I have just start one or two movies to see if they work. They worked. I have not had time to investigate how useful and convenient this dvd player is, and if he plays everything correctly.

One positive thing about it for now, is the fact that in shop I was given a sheet of paper witch 'cheats', how to make this dvd palyer multi-region. I have not tried it, so I cannot say if it works, and even if, I do not have any dvd movie from another dvd region.

Finally I had some time to look closer to this DVD. After few minutes, I decided to return this rubbish DVD player. This junk was playing DVDs with some 'cracks' in a picture which sometimes was 'jumping'. It was not very often, and as a matter of fact, you could watch movies, but those occasional 'jumps' were annoying. Not thinking much, I return this junk, and I had it replaced. Fortunately, the shop did not make any problems with exchange, just 'no question asked'.

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