Friday, December 15, 2006

VNC client on Mac classic (8.6)

Sometimes in my work I had to use Mac OS 8.6. Problem with this is, that this is very old operating system, and there are not new application on it. Most importantly the problem is with web browser. There are only Internet Explorer 5.0, Mozilla 1.3, and few other very, very old ones; thus, when I work on Mac 8.6 and want to use the Internet there is problem, because many web-pages don't work on such old browsers (e.g. google spreadshead). Of course, other programs like Matlab or GIMP are unavailable on Mac classic. This was of course very annoying me, because when I was using 8.6 I could not do other my work, because of lack of software.
Finally, recently I found solution. It is simply installing VNC server on my Mac X 10.4 and installing VNC client on Mac 8.6 and using this client to work on Tiger, while being on Classic.
Nonetheless, finding and starting VNC client on Mac Classic was not so simple. After some searching and reading I found what I was looking for, and I would like to shear with it. Hopefully it will be useful for someone :-)

VNC client on Mac Classic is VNCThing 2.2 to download e.g. from here.

Morever, to run this client it is necessary to have
CarbonLib 1.6 from here.

After installation of those programs I could enjoy my Mac X 10.4 from Mac 8.6.

Below to screen showing Mac 8.6 with VNC client connected to Mac X Tiger.

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