Thursday, August 24, 2006

Gmail and importing mails from other mail account

Some time ago, I switched from my old webmail, to new gmail provided by

Everything would be perfect if not the fact that gmail, does not have option for importing e-mails form other pop3 servers.

The only solution I found was to download all you emails using e.g. MS Outlook or Evolution. After this, it is necessary to run special program, which will send all your just downloaded mails to gmail account. It isn't the best solution to this problem, but I could not find enythig else.

Fortunetlly, I have access to Linux server with reasonable bandwich, so I downloaded all my mails from former account (more than 600MB) using Evolution mail client. It is client which goes with Gnome as default. Following this, you need to use one of available programs (gExodus - only Windows, gml, ngml) to export you mails from e.g. Evolution to gmail account. Evolution stores all emails in mbox files. If you use Ubuntu Breeze 5.10, this file shoud be somewhere in you home directory.

To export all you emails stored in mbox you can use e.g. gml python script. However, this script wasn't working for me. So, I found modyfied gml (ngml).

Example usage of ngml:

ngml mbox "/home/me/.mail/Inbox/Inbox.mbox"

And, finally it worked. All those operation were performed on Ubuntu server, which was used, in this case as SMTP server to send all those emails.

Nevertheless, I found it very strange that you have to do so many tricks to import your mails to gmail account. I wander why it is so complicated?

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