Thursday, January 10, 2008

Octave 3: first impression

Octave 3 is out for few weeks now. I have chanced Windows binary. First impression is very positive. Installation went smooth, Octave 3 has now its own console and editor, similar to these in Matlab. 2D and 3D plotting is working:
Whats more, the problems with eigenvalues that I had with Python (see this post) does not exist in Octave 3. I have to say, that for now I have been working only with eigenvalues, inverse matrices, and multiplication of matrices. But I am encourge to use Octave 3 for longer, to other tasks, and we will see what will happen.

I found problem with 3D plots. When you draw such plot, often the plot window freezes. As a result is not possible to rotate, zoom or do any operations on the figure. Its very annoying. I use gnuplot as plot engine. I think I will try to use the other one. During installation of the Octave 3 on Windows in one point the user is asked to choose an engine plot. I should try the second one, and we will see what will happen.

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