Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Gimp: Changing language back to english

I do not know why, but one day my Gimp 2.2.10 on my Mac X changed its language from English to Japaneses. I do not know how it happened, but it happened.

As usually in such cases I did a little of web searching and I found some solutions. First proposed solution was to set LANG environment variable to 'en'. Of course I tried it, and of course it did not work.

Second solution that fortunately worked was to delete folder containing Japanese language in Gimp's directory. Hence, I deleted folder ja from:


After restarting Gimp I had it finally in English.

In conclusion, as far as my case is considered the solution to Gimp language problems is to delete given lang folder from directory.

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  1. Anonymous8:04 PM

    I had exactly the same problem. But in my case changing environmental variable LANG=en worked.